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omg im like 5 away from my next hundred

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itookthehobbitstoisengard replied to your post “Fuck this. I have no words for all the naked pictures of jlaw and the other celebrities (haven’t seen them). I mean you’re fucking intruding someone’s privicy. I see people on news sites say “it’s their own fault they shouldn’t haven taken them” and yeah, it’s a little but dumb but I think if naked pictures of them would spread on the internet they would cry themselves to death gosh why are people so dumb I’m so angry fuck them all”

I think what people forget in this instance that it is NOT the picture-taker’s fault, it’s whoever they shared them with that has completely betrayed them! So on top of being naked online, someone they trusted has totally stabbed them in the back!

Exactly!! Apparently she was hacked though, so it may not be have been someone she knew, but whoever the hacker is, is a right git and should be fined or jailed or at least something. 

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Dat feel when mutuals on your follow forever or people you were really excited about following you, unfollow you. 

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